The American Olympic and multiple World Champion will be on air every evening in Eurosport’s higlights programme. In his daily update, Bode will share with fans his expert views on the day’s action and events.

Julien Bergeaud, Broadcasting director of Eurosport and Eurosport 2, says: “We are delighted to have worldwide star athlete Bode Miller join Eurosport’s editorial team for this major event. Eurosport is the n°1 wintersports TV channel in the world Eurosport and broadcasts LIVE each year 14 World Championships and 8 World Cups in 12 wintersports disciplines. This partnership confirms our dedication to work with world renowned athletes and experts to offer the
best possible coverage to our fans across Europe.”

“I’m stoked to join the Eurosport team for the Alpine Skiing World Championships. I love talking about skiing and I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and experience with fans across Europe”, explains Bode Miller, Alpine Skiing World Champion.

Bode Miller’s insight views will enhance Eurosport’s extensive coverage of the World Championships featuring:

LIVE coverage of all events, including the trainings of the women’s and men’s downhill.

Introduction programmes to the events and LIVE interviews of the greatest champions in the mixed zone thanks to our on site teams.

Highlights programme featuring a review of the day, an interview with the star of the day and Bode Miller’s expertise.

All programmes will be broadcast in high definition on Eurosport HD

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